This local favourite includes a secret grotto, a forgotten etching in the romantic ‘Fairy Bower’, a precarious ladder up to Cox’s Cave and sheltered woodland gullies.

Grade: Medium
Time: 1 hr 45 minutes
Distance: 2.7 kilometre circuit 
Ascent/Descent: 250 metres descent, 250 metres ascent
Weather: Suitable for all conditions
Closest public transport: Mount Victoria railway station, 1.7 km away, or 1km away if commencing from waypoint 5.

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$1.69 each Forest and Caves at Fairy Bower


Points of Interest: Coxs Cave, Fairy Bower, Fairy Bridge, Fairy Waterfall, Grotto, Lady of the Bower, Marguerite Cave, Mt Piddington, old tollhouse


Dogs are allowed at Fairy Bower